A Career in Building Services: What You Need to Know.

Are you considering a career in engineering? If so, you’ll know that it is a large field with many different sub sets and areas in which to work. One particularly challenging area of engineering is building services. Building services refers to all of the considerations which make a building livable, sustainable, and efficient. Think, heating, cooling, plumbing, health and safety concerns, security, lifts, communications and so on – the list goes on!

All of these complex and important concerns are the responsibility of building services engineers. This is a field of engineering where precision and exactness in planning are necessary to the outcome. Think you have what it takes to do this exacting job?

If the answer is yes you’ll want to follow a specific education path to get the qualifications you need to work in this demanding field. First up, you will need an undergraduate degree in engineering from a university or accredited program. After that, you will need to seek out relevant experience in this engineering field, or a related field perhaps. You may also find specific programs that train you specifically for this job. After you have completed training and done any relevant experience as part of that training, you will want to become CIBSE (Chartered Institute of Building Services Engineers) accredited. Accreditation is an important step and one that potential clients and Surrey building services firms will look for in their engineers.


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