Alternative Office Christmas Party Ideas

Planning and organising an office Christmas party can be boring and stressful, as coming up with ideas that everyone will enjoy and that isn’t the same as every year can be difficult. This year, why not try something alternative, interesting, affordable, unique and participative for everyone?

  • Climbing – a climbing session is a great way to team build, stay fit, work up an appetite and put off the drinks for later. Instructors will help everyone to climb walls that suit their abilities and aspirations. Have fun as a group and learn more about each other’s fears as well as physical and mental challenges.
  • F1 Driving Experience – take a simulator each and feel like you are participating in a real formula 1 race. This driving experience Surrey is a unique way to bring in some competition to the team and have fun at the same time. At the end there will be a winner’s ceremony to present the winners with trophies.
  • Crafts – Throw a Christmas craft party by hiring a special company to introduce different crafts to the team. Workshops can include customising stockings, or making tree decorations, candles or cards. Have the workshop at the office or a chosen location, plus make the party even more fun with nibbles and beverages.
  • Crazy Golf – Crazy golf is a simple, affordable game that everyone loves. Play in teams or against each other for some competitive fun. Even better, find a unique crazy golf course with a bar and music for a wild day or night out.

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