Easy Ways to Make Your Bathroom Look Bigger

A small bathroom can be inconvenient and when there is no space left in your home to expand it, you may be thinking about moving house just to have a bigger bathroom. However there are lots of ways to deal with this and make your bathroom function just as well as every other room in your home. Making your bathroom grow visually can be done using some tricks, so read on for some easy ways to make your bathroom look bigger.

  • Use the same colour tone throughout the room, as different colours can break up the space and make it look smaller. Blending the room with the same tones will create the illusion of more space.
  • Rather than leaving the ceiling white, or another colour for that matter, paint it the same colour as the walls to visually expand the space. The more transitions there are, the smaller the room looks, so by blending the walls and ceiling it looks cleaner and bigger.
  • When tiling the shower, continue the tiles up and over the ceiling within the shower cube.
  • Using large format tiles will give the illusion of more space, as small tiles with lots of grout can make the space look busy and overcrowded.
  • Use clear glass for the shower as textured glass acts almost like a wall and creates a border that breaks up the space.
  • Big mirrors will bring more light and make the space grow visually.

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