Photography Tips For Social Media

The ability to come up with image ideas and then capture a great photograph is a talent that many companies need in this day and age. The popularity of social media and visual communication means that images are an important part of content marketing and creating brand awareness. While many companies work with a creative marketing agency for infographics, photography and creative marketing for social media, others attempt to design and shoot images themselves in-house. Here are some photography tips for social media:

  • Lighting – Lighting is a very important part of photography and with the right light a great shot can become popular on your social media channels. The trick with lighting is to capture the right amount within an image so it is not too dark or too bright.
  • Framing – With general photography, there is a rule that the normal rectangular photos are divided into thirds and the subject should be placed in the left or right third rather than in the center. With social media however, this rule cannot always be applied as the frames and formats for images are different shapes on different channels. For example, a Facebook cover photo is a landscape shape and requires different framing. A profile picture on most social media platforms and Instagram photos are square, so these must be framed in a different way also.
  • Background – The setting and background of a photo is another important factor to think about for social media marketing. Use something stylish and beautiful that reflects your brand.


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