The Benefits of Modern Vanities in Small Bathrooms

If you have a small bathroom, it can be difficult to find a vanity that does not overshadow the room yet is still useful for storage and functionality. Modern vanities are a great choice for smaller bathrooms as they come in a range of compact sizes and are very useful. Benefits of modern vanities in small bathrooms include:

Easy Maintenance

Many modern vanities can be freestanding with legs or mounted to the wall. This makes the floor around and underneath much easier to clean compared to vanites that are placed straight on the floor.


Traditional vanities can be very ornate and can often not match the rest of the bathroom depending on the style. Modern vanities are usually sleek and simple so will match a variety of bathrooms styles.


Most modern vanities have drawers, shelves and cabinets built in to the design and offer more storage space compared to more traditional vanities. There will be a variety of different storage options that you can choose from, depending on what suits the household best. The hardware on the shelves and cabinets will be contemporary and they will be smoother and easier to use.


If you want the style of your bathroom to be coordinated, many modern vanities come with matching storage cabinets and other pieces of furniture. When looking at designer bathrooms Surrey there will be a large range of matching bathroom furniture available that can create a matching modern style.

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