The Different Types of Nursing Jobs

Many people generalise nurses as doing the same types of jobs, however the word nurse stretches over a wide range of careers and there are many different types of nursing jobs that require different qualifications. These include:

Care Worker

There are a wide range of care worker jobs, some of which require a qualification and others that do not. Carers jobs in Worthing and across the country are needed in nursing homes, as part of a home care team, in medical centres or many other types of locations that require carers.

Medical Assistant

A medical assistant will assist nurses performing medical tasks, or will complete admin work within a healthcare organisation. Nursing assistant tasks may include setting up equipment, preparing rooms, assisting with basic procedures, reporting on patient conditions and more.

Registered Nurses

A registered nurse must hold a nursing degree and this type of nurse has the responsibilities of caring for patients in most areas.

Nurse Practitioner

Nurse practitioners have to obtain a masters degree and provide a large range of healthcare services. This type of nurse can provide assessments of patients including diagnosing illness, disorders and disease, offer treatments and prescribe medication.

Advanced Practice Registered Nurse

There are a large range of advanced practice registered nurses with specialities including midwives, intensive care nurses, anaesthetists and many more. These types of primary care providers are needed in all categories of the healthcare industry and important for providing medical treatments and recovery to the public.

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