The Latest Bathroom Tile Trends

The tiling is the most important part of a bathroom and can completely change the way it looks and feels. Choosing the right tiles for the floor and walls can be a big decision as they are costly and will stay in the room for many years. Selecting tiles that are on trend and you will enjoy for a long time is very important. Purchasing bathroom tiles Reading and across the UK is best done in a tile warehouse where they have the largest selection and top advice. Here are the latest bathroom tile trends that you can consider.


A bold move with tiles this season is geometric patterns that can include shapes such as triangles, hexagons, circles and more. There are a range of patterns and circles that can make a statement of style in a bathroom. Neutral colours can be used to soften the tone of the tiles, or bright colours with the prints will add some fun to the design.

Floor Patterns

A trend that has been running for several years and is still very popular is patterned floor tiles complemented alongside plain or neutral wall tiles. Use colours or patterns on the floor of the bathroom, as it is a smaller and less intense space compared to the walls.


Marble is a key material for many of the latest interior trends. Famous for being costly, it can be difficult to cover a bathroom in marble unless you have the money. However it is now possible to get realistic marble-look tiles in a range of shades.

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