Top Tips to Make Your Laptop’s Battery Last Longer

Batteries in laptops unfortunately do not last forever, and the last thing you want when you arrive at a meeting or try to work on the train is to try and find an outlet before your laptop dies. Low lasting batteries can disrupt your work and cause anxiety, so it is important you look after it to make it last for as long as possible. With company laptops, it is best if they have IT support companies in London to come in on a regular basis and check the condition of the laptops and their batteries. There are many methods to prevent your battery running out of juice so you can concentrate on your work. Below are the top tips to make your laptop’s battery last longer.

Battery Saver – When you need to save power, turn on the Battery Saver feature on your system. This will close automatically syncing apps and background apps such as emails, Skype and more, as well as turning down the brightness to make the battery last longer. There is also an option to make the Battery Saver automatically turn on when the battery level reaches a certain percentage.

Latest Operating System – The latest operating systems usually have energy saving technologies, so update whenever you can.

Recharging Before It Runs Out – Try not to let the battery drain out, and recharge it before it dies to make it last longer.

Temperature – Do not let the laptop overheat and keep it in a cool place as batteries don’t handle the heat so well.


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