What is a Builders Merchants?

A builders merchants is a store that stocks and supplies most building and construction materials. No matter the kind of project, a builders merchants should be able to order or already have available of the supplies that are needed.


Some builders merchants will specialise in certain materials, however most of them stock almost everything needed for construction and any kind of building project. Products and materials include roofing and plumbing supplies as well as wood, sand, cement, concrete, bricks, insulation and much more.


As well as building supplies, many merchants also offer a range of services including estimates, paint mixing, tool hire, machinery hire, kitchen and bathroom design, general advice and more. Services can be free, free with a purchase, free for members or at a cost.


In every local area there are normally a number of builders merchants which can either be a national chain or independent. Professional builders merchants in Sussex have the option of visiting the store or searching online through the products available. Delivery is often an option too so it is easy to order building supplies and have them arrive on the doorstep ready for use.


It is possible to set up accounts, become a member or get a card for your builders merchants. This can offer perks such as discounts, advice, promotions and other offers. Ask at your chosen builders merchants what your options are to join.

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